Washington State – The domestic Maritime Industry helps to create 22500 jobs

Washington State - The domestic Maritime Industry helps to create 22500 jobs

Washington Senator M. Cantwell celebrated the importance of the domestic maritime industry that is sustaining 22,500 local jobs. There was also an announcement regarding the 34 percent growth in domestic maritime jobs which were created in Washington State.

The Statistics

A new report for the Transportation Institute states that the domestic maritime industry based in Washington occupies the sixth rank among American states for creating jobs and having a good labor income as per the Jones Act. The industry offers employment to 22,500 persons, and also produces $6.12 billion for the economy. Furthermore, it generates worker income of $1.5 billion. The domestic maritime industry offers employment to 37,590 individuals, and also supports $2.5 billion as worker income. Finally, it produces $10 billion for the economy of the Pacific Northwest region.

The Jones Act is a vital part of the national security strategy in America. It also serves as a pillar of economic strength and creates many jobs for the Pacific Northwest. Moreover, the law clearly states that the transportation of merchandise among U.S. areas is reserved for vessels that are built, owned, and also documented in the US.

The Jones Act

The Jones Act is a major help and serves as an important tool for the growth of the economy for the future. Moreover, this Jones Act was able to create 22,000 jobs in Washington State, which is an increase of 34% since 2014.

Recognizing the Economic Impact of the Jones Act:

The Pacific Northwest is a leading beacon in the domestic maritime circles. It supports 22,500 family jobs and contributes $6.12 billion towards the local economy. The recent study findings demonstrate the strength and necessity of the Jones Act. In fact, it is the backbone of the US Maritime Industry and serves the industrial base in a big way. It is an asset in creating jobs for the hardworking men and women that are managing the vessels in times of war as well as in peace.

Moreover, the American mariners play a major role for the defense leaders and also project American force overseas when there is a national emergency.  They watch and observe the homeland security on coasts and waterways and are vital in keeping America safe.

Other Facts

The fleet controlled by America provides economic security and also ensures that the internal freight transport system is far away from any foreign interference. American maritime jobs will be, strong and bring prosperity to future generations.

Its employees had made many contributions during the past 40 years. Moreover, its vendors, peers contractors, and partners and have driven the economic engines of the Pacific Northwest. Its success has a root in the commitment to safety, innovation. Furthermore, there is a focus on investments which create a positive impact for the patrons serve and in the areas of operation.

There are strong investments to have 100% marine vessel fleet built in the U.S., bearing its flag, and having its crew to meet the needs of marine infrastructure in the Western, Gulf regions, and the East coast of the United States.

A supporting role

It also extends all support to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, its Navy, and to the federal, as well as state, entities.

Seattle has the maritime community and also makes an important contribution to the regional economy. It creates family wage jobs for several skilled people who are at the top in their craft delivering great value to the customers.

The Port of Seattle provides an ideal framework to help the domestic maritime industry in remaining viable. It also runs shipbuilding and other industrial activities in its harbor and provides great economic opportunities in the region.

With the role of the Jones Act, the domestic maritime industry offers employment to 650,000 Americans in 50 states nationally. It creates $41 billion as labor income and also adds $154.8 billion as economic output annually every year.  There is the supervision of 40,000 American vessels that were built in American shipyards and had an American crew. It is owned by American companies operating round the clock in American waters.

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