Ireland Introduces a New Visa Process for Non-European nurses


Ireland is scheduled to introduce a new process for work visa application, for nurses of non-European Union /EEA areas, who have an Employment Order. It requires them to submit an application to enter Ireland through Atypical Working Scheme.

Irish work visa status

An employer/worker can submit an application seeking the General Employment Permit of Ireland. This job-offer has a link to work-permit and allows the successful applicants to work within Irish borders, in positions which pay €30,000 in a year. They can submit an application for the Permit of Critical Skills Employment, which is a job-offer cum permit, to carry out the designated work within Irish borders in positions which pay €60,000 in a year.

Conditions for Atypical Working Visa Scheme

This scheme is particularly beneficial for visa applicants to get a work position which is uncovered by any other set of employment rules, in some industrial sectors, which witness a shortage of skills. The process requires the nurses from non-EU/EEA areas to measure up to these norms:

·    Finishing a necessary aptitude test or program for clinical assessment
·    Receiving an identification number by registering with the Professional Nursing Board of Ireland
·   Obtaining a permit for employment through their employers
·   Undergoing Registration with the Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service

This process for nurses also pertains to EU-trained nurses, who cannot remain eligible for direct registration, based on the EU Directive 2005/36/EC, issued by the European Parliament, governing the professional qualifications.

1.    The applications forwarded must have proper documentation, employment details (proof of contract) for two years, and a valid passport lasting the full term of the contract, along with €250 paid as a fee.

2.    Subsequently, the eligible and qualifying applicants get a letter of approval which has six months validity.

3.    then the qualifying applicants will take Test of Aptitude /Training Program, to complete a Clinical Adaptation and Assessment Program. The Royal College of Surgeons Aptitude Test, holding the approval by the government.

4.    Later they obtain registration from the Irish Nursing and Midwifery Board and get an identification number.

5.    This is followed by, acquiring a permit of employment given by an employer. Here the employers offering jobs to such nurses must file for an employment permit application.
The future work visa system norms also carry the feature of not allowing these nurses to change their employers, or the working location, till their employment contract is over. The employment visa permit when issued, leads the nurses to register with INIS.

These terms are for strict adherence.

Demand for Irish visas is increasing

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