Vancouver has a top Demand for tech talents

Vancouver has a top Demand for tech talents - JobsandPermits

The Vancouver tech industry is ignited and full of energy.

Presently, around 75,000 individuals work for in its technology companies. There is a quick increase in the figure and the employees of this sector presently outnumber others in the combined oil, mining, gas, and forestry industries, across the province.

The Details

For many years, there was a great attempt to attract top talent. Hard data now speaks of the rise in demand. As per a website, the need for employees engaged in technology in Vancouver increased by 25 percent after April 2018. Additionally, this trend is consistent in every year since 2012.

The ads ask for Software Engineers in large numbers. Apart from them, Full Stack Developers, Front End Developers, Web Developers, Back-End Developers, And Engineers engaged in Development Operations are in the top 10 of the demand. Others are Software Engineering Managers, as well as Systems Administrators.

The tech industry is expanding and there is a constant need for more positions. Also, Vancouver is meeting demand. The talent gap between job openings and job seekers in this sector has not increased recently. Furthermore, for some positions, there is only a narrow mismatch.

The Scenario

Many factors have contributed to the improved demand for qualified technology professionals. There are many local camps that offer a fast-track coding course. Prominent among them are RED Academy, Lighthouse Labs, and Brain station which produce top skilled graduates who are eager and ready to play an active role in Vancouver companies. There is an urge to educate individuals on meeting their needs and also to start work on an urgent basis. Besides, there are internships, placements, and partnerships, with the local business community.

The increase among the students in private institutions is also a match with the happening at large universities in B.C. The government has made great efforts for increasing its funding especially for courses in computer science and technology. Additionally, it has initially pledged $900,000 to establish 370 seats in May 2018 in the region. The students will start their programs in Sep 2019.

The Government is Active

The federal government supports and welcomes the arrival of qualified professionals in Canada. It has set an ambitious target in 2018, for admitting 310,000 immigrants, which is a large figure in history. Moreover, there is a plan to increase the number by 20,000 every year. It has established a Start-up Visa that offers a way of moving to Canada after starting businesses and creating jobs. The aim here is to reduce the waiting period in Express Entry Visas which is a popular application process benefitting the skilled workers for settling in Canada. Many such professionals reach Vancouver.

Vancouver is Dynamic

Vancouver serves as a technology hub for small as well as large businesses and provides access to the talent pool. There are increased Opportunities for technology professionals besides the existence of a rich environment. This allows the job seekers a freedom to seek the perfect role. Additionally, the businesses adopt an effort to get the best talents in a market.

With the expansion of the technology industry in the city and also in the world, there will be 83,400 jobs openings related to technology in the city by 2027. That figure is twice the number of permanent positions existing today.

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