USA-Local Food Industry adds several manufacturing jobs

USA-Local Food Industry adds several manufacturing jobs - JobsandPermits

Employment in the local manufacturers is moving ahead since the closure of General Motors which was the cause of losing 5,000 jobs of the manufacturing segment of automobiles and transport equipment. Moreover, the manufacturing sector of Rock County is on the path of recovery and some manufacturing sector areas are experiencing growth. There is a creation of fresh jobs also.

The scenario

Since 2017, IPM Foods of Janesville has seen the doubling of the employees in its facility located in the Capital Circle.  James Carroll, the Director, stated that the company had 47 employees (2017) but presently has 140. The company entered into fresh ventures, like sauces, specialty broths, and vegetables which are mixed and packed in cartons that are environmentally-friendly. The great growth of employees at IPM, compares to one percent growth of all manufacturing jobs in the County in a similar period.  Furthermore, the company leads in job growth in the food manufacturing sector.

Additionally, the industry of food manufacturing in the County totally had 2,079 jobs in 2018. This is a growth of 25 % in jobs after 2006, as per the WWD  Board data.

Creating new jobs

This industry is among the manufacturing sectors, like rubber production, chemical production, and plastics, in the matter of creating new jobs since 2006. Collectively these have 960 which correspond to 9.2 % of the total 10,430 workers, in the locality-based manufacturing industry, as per the available data.

Food manufacturing has become a force in driving local jobs and is leading in job creation in the large manufacturing segments of Rock County. These are machinery manufacturing, metals, Machinery, and metal fabricating,  which employ 1,600  workers, in each segment. Manufacturers and Food engineers,   like IPM are growing in a big way. IPM is a co-packer because it mixes soup and varied food ingredients packing the food for soup/food companies. IPM also has a plan to start making and packing its unique private-label products exclusively for grocery retailers.

The future is promising

IPM is the parent company of NaturPak, which is a company engaged in pet-food manufacturing and operates ing since 2018. In September 2019 NaturPak will move into the new 100,000-sq. foot plant in Janesville. This plant will cook USDA human-grade food ingredients for special food for dogs and cats, under a contract of huge pet-food clients. The packing will be in a paper carton that is environment-friendly.

Pawel Marciniak IPM President stated that the company is changing the outlook in food consumption of modern clients, who like paper packaging and put it above metal cans/glass jars. It is on the path of technological innovation and also in packaging.

In 2020 the two companies will jointly employ 300 people. This will make these companies similar to Kerry Ingredients, and Seneca Foods located in Janesville that have 400 employees.

Some issues

These companies face similar issues like other manufacturers in hiring as well as retaining workers. The other issues are low unemployment added with a thin labor pool. Moreover, there is an upward wage pressure because local companies compete for employing a limited number of job seekers. Marciniak has a different view on hiring and recruitment. The employees of the company can purchase homes and new vehicles. There is a pressure of paying high wages, but they are a high paying company in Janesville. They are more in comparison with minimum wages, accompanied by bonus and benefits for workers. Finally, young and enthusiastic employees get a base incentive. The policies are encouraging, educative and promoting in nature.  Moreover, there is a thrust for growth by proper training and remaining competitive to side with the employees.

Bright Spots

The employee positions require good training, and the jobs provide the finest manufacturing pay. The annual pay in the food manufacturing sector in Rock County is $ 67,000. This also has a high rank in the manufacturing sector. As a comparison, the workers engaged in local wood manufacture in the County earn an average annual pay worth $ 44,000. Chemical manufacturing workers annually earn $ 83,000.

With the increase in the growth of companies engaged in the food industry, the local officials have a focus on affordable housing. Also, many workers commute from Dane County as well as northern Illinois. They will benefit and relocate in case the housing is readily available. The officials dealing with economic development are making moves and trying to encourage the development of apartments and homes by using tax incentives as well as flexible use of zoning.Conclusion


It will be ideal for helping people in relocating to Janesville and allow them to have a different lifestyle. An affordable lifestyle will provide an opportunity to come and settle in this area.

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