The US Embassy seeks early applications for issuing J1 visas next summer

j1 visa

j1 visa
The candidates, who are attentive and are planning to seek a J1 visa, need to start the application process soon. In case of delay, there is a fear that they could pass over, for this life-altering opportunity.

Many students, who hope to travel to the USA, are likely to miss out owing to avoidable factors, like the late receipt of cases from program sponsors, and early flight departures.

The potential J1 students must be active and practical and apply soon so that they do not face any disappointment. Applications in this category which allow living and working in the US, from next summer, can be made online.

The following documents are essential to apply for a J1 Visa


  • Form DS-2019, the Certificate of Eligibility which has issued by the program sponsor.
  • Valid Passport for traveling to the US.
  • Completed Online Form DS-160, non-immigrant visa application.
  • Receipt of payment of $140 visa fee.
  • 2×2 photograph, which meeting format requirements.


Moreover, the participating Students must provide evidence of a pre-arranged job. This is a mandatory measure in the J1 applications, which has introduced in 2016. But the Irish government was against it.
J1 Visa is a bright and popular opportunity for people who are looking to travel, work and gain experience in the US.

Since its inception, more than 150,000 students have availed this great program from Ireland.

Equally important matter to note is that earlier President Trump had indicated that J1 visas would not be continued and had described it as a scheme benefiting foreigner young men and women. An agreement for extending this visa for three years has set in December 2016.

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