More Indians receive the UK Visas -Boris Johnson



Immigration to UK from India is Increasing Gradually


Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson made a statement that 500,000 Indians receives visas in the year 2017 until June.

Many Indian students were visiting the UK presently. He countered the figures which suggested that hardly 19,000 students from India visited in 2016, compared to 40,000 six years ago.

Above 10 percent Indian students gain visas, as per data computed recently. 500,000 Indians received visas in 2017 until June, which reflects eight percent increase from 2016. The increase in the arrival in their country is because as India provides outstanding visa service.

Boris Johnson said that Counting students of foreign origin in the internet immigration records have been a huge trouble. Also stated that keeping with the information on exit checks, only 4600 remained in UK after the expiry of their visas.There was an estimate that nearly 100,000 foreign students had stayed back.

Counting students of foreign origin, in the immigration data, will unfavorably affect them from seeking education in the country. Which forms a strong part of the economy.

India is next to China to obtain the UK visas. 90 percent of applicants are successful in getting it. Indians received work visas in excess of people from any other country. Workers from India receives 60,000 work visas, in Tier 2 Intra-Company Transfers in the year 2016

Both the nations are democracies, cherishing similar values, and work to make the world better he added. The reason for his argument, for leaving the EU, was that he had a desire, to be a strong friend of countries, that lied beyond Europe, like India.

Marine Wheeler who is the wife of Boris Johnson, is part English and part Indian descent. Her father’s family had been migrated to India from an area in Pakistan, during the Partition.

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