UK has offered 162,000 job openings for IT Professionals – Analysis

UK has offered 162,000 job openings for IT Professionals - Analysis

The UK Employers posted 162,000 job openings in the core information technology positions in the first quarter of 2019. This was the analysis of CompTIA, a trade association catering the technology industry globally.

The facts

IT positions had a 9 percent share among the UK job postings in the first quarter.

There was also a robust demand for hiring technology experts, possessing the skills in networking and infrastructure. Software programmers and developers had a hot demand with 58,000 job postings.

Other Occupations having a good demand were IT business analysts, systems designers, and architects with 24,595 job ads; IT user-support technicians with 18,949; IT and telecommunications professionals with 15,554; followed by web designers and developers with 14,852); and finally IT operations technicians with 14,824.

This high demand is in alignment with the move for digital transformation, and the modernization of organizations. This concerns IT infrastructure. Additionally, there is a huge focus on the future, in anticipation of rolling out of 5G wireless networks, emerging technologies as well as edge computing.

The big players

UK employers having major IT job postings in the First Quarter were the National Health Service, Amazon, Fresh Group, KPMG, and Barclays.

Furthermore, 200,000 of these core IT jobs were in the London metropolitan area, followed by Manchester (29,931 postings), Birmingham (23,460) and finally Cambridge (17,270). Moreover, some companies have multiple postings for the same position and these ads indicate the areas of technology investments of the organizations.

The core IT job postings in the First Quarter declined by 21 percent from the Final Quarter of 2018. Moreover, the IT workforce is growing in size. There is also an estimate of the existence of 1,284,052 workers in December 2018. There are optimistic Projections for the future in tech employment. The UK technical workforce will add 14,000 jobs during 2019; and 48,000 positions by 2023 as per an estimate.

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