Labor government will Focus on creating 400,000 green jobs in UK Solar Capacity

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The Labor government has a plan to treble the present solar capacity in the country. Moreover, it will create around 400,000 green jobs by 2030. These facts come from the Labor Party Conference, where speeches were made, by the central figures of the opposition party.

The party is working with a proficient team, comprising the academics, energy professionals, and engineers for assessing the ways to meet this target. Such a measure, will offer a weighty economic opportunity, for reviving the productivity, and reshaping the economy.

Additionally, there is a focus on three issues which are central to Labor’s vision. These are

  • Trebling of solar power in the UK,
  • Seven-fold enhancement in offshore wind capacity
  • Doubling onshore wind capacity

The focus on boosting the solar capacity will bring 39 G.W. of working solar, which is sufficient to provide power, to seven million homes. The party has made a green pledge, said that the investment program necessary to achieve 60% decrease in emissions, would create 400,000 green jobs. Moreover, there is a plan, to reduce emissions of greenhouse gas, to zero by 2050. This will lead to a net zero economy, in the UK.

It is an ambitious program, to deliver far-reaching investment and transformation. This will also start a Green Job Revolution, to tackle change in climate, and provide sustainable energy in the future. The aim is to generate skilled jobs also, in every region of the UK.

Long-term investment need of the day

Experts have supported the focus of Labor on green jobs and low carbon energy. The energy companies are moving forward, and presently are global leaders in decarbonisation. If the investment is maintained, and there is a long term environment policy, the results can be promising.  Furthermore, this will create jobs, bring benefits to the economy, and deliver environmental targets. There is a need for National Energy Efficiency Program, and a commitment, to present extra funding, to improve energy efficiency.

The expansion of wind and solar capacity must be based on economical decision, and all political parties must agree to it. Based on the government evaluates, an investment of £180 billion is necessary in the electricity sector till 2030. A low cost technology, not needing public subsidy, and not heavy in the climate change, like the solar and onshore wind, is good for consumers.


Renewable energy also is ideal for the economy as it is not affected by unpredictable global price fluctuations. Building solar / wind generation capacity will benefit consumers, through low energy costs. This is the need of the future also. At Jobs and Permits we have an aim to bring trending news to our patrons. Please stay in touch.

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