UAE firms help in hiring Asian expatriates

UAE firms help in hiring Asian expatriates - JobsandPermits

Employers in the UAE have a plan to expand during 2019 and add new jobs.  These are filled by Asian professionals, as per the results of a recent study conducted by a recruitment firm. It is based on a survey of 300 hiring managers in the UAE. Moreover, it is an analysis of talent searches of 1,000 employers based in UAE. There is a projection of 9% net growth in employment in 2019.

Demographics of teaching

The study also found that an increased share of the new vacancies was filled by Asian nationals.  Additionally, the employers cite low salary expectations of such candidates as the main reason. In the last year, Asian nationals saw an increased their share by 12% in the approaches by local employers. Arab expatriates had a decline of 8% and Western expatriates of 10%.

Moreover, the Asian expatriates provide a balance between the right skill set and salary expectations fitting the budgets.

The fact is that the salaries of Asian nationals are 20% low in comparison to Arab nationals and 40% low in comparison to Western nationals. The gaps are the result of the prevailing salaries in the home countries of these candidates. Among nationalities commanding a significant share of the UAE prefers to hire professionals from India, Pakistan the Philippines as well as Sri Lanka.

The decline among some nations

Simultaneously, there was a decline in hiring of nationals from America, Canada and Australia by the local employers. Furthermore, some Approaches to nationals of Britain declined, but it was comparatively less. The reason is the low value of the British currency owing to the Brexit, making their salary expectations affordable for the employers.

Additionally, the measure of reducing the costs made the employers reach out to candidates having less experience.

The new Trends

The survey revealed that IT and Healthcare were the fastest growing sectors witnessing annual growth of 30% in the volume of hiring.

Furthermore, the growth in Healthcare is owing to the legislation mandating providing health insurance by the employers. The result is a high share of the local population opting for healthcare services. This has fuelled the demand for doctors, support staff and nurses also.

The increase in IT hiring is happening because of service-digitization and the expansion of the startup ecosystem in the country. Close to 100 startups based in UAE received venture funding in 2018, worth $625 million, as per a Venture Capital Data Specialist.

The funding goes to product development, and there is a domination of software developers in tech hiring. Cybersecurity is also growing in large corporate and financial sectors.

More facts

As per the findings, the construction sector is under pressure, and hiring in it is limited.  Moreover, some companies are opting to downsize. Finally, there are healthy projects, like the upcoming Dubai Expo 2020, but firms struggle to collect payments from their patrons.

The Retail sector is also facing a challenge owing to low consumer spending. The reasons are market conditions and an increase in prices subsequent to the introduction of VAT in 2018.

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