TUC calls for 1 million manufacturing and hi-tech jobs by 2030

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In order to boost its industrial strategy, the Trades Union Congress, has called on the UK government, for fixing a target of creating an ambitious 1 million hi-tech and manufacturing jobs by 2030.

Better performance is necessary

In its report on the Industrial Policy of the Government, launched a year ago, the Congress spoke of the little progress made. Moreover, it wanted greater checks on its progress.

It urged the government to assign targets and also ensure that the policy boosts jobs, and has rich investment. There was a need to improve workers’ salaries by helping to make businesses more productive.

The Manufacturing sector is unhappy at the lack of significant progress after launching the industrial strategy. Additionally there was criticism of the policy seen as vague. There was the proposal of having a council to check progress but it took a year to establish.

A better future plan

The achievements were small and many parts of Britain do not have decent jobs. They definitely deserve better. There must also be a focus for cooperation among government, businesses, and trade unions at the local and also the national level in bringing hi-tech industries across the UK. This measure will help in the aim of reducing carbon emissions by 57% by 2030 in comparison to 1990 levels.

2.6 million People in the UK are associated with manufacturing, and it accounts for 44% of UK exports. It also has a share of 70% in R&D.

Focus on green technology and sustainable industry

Additionally the TUC says that green technology and sustainable industry would be major areas to deliver future manufacturing jobs.

Other recommendations by the TUC are setting a target for a third of Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund towards investments to providers of better employment. Moreover, the local enterprise partnerships must work with unions for developing proper growth plans. Furthermore, the unions need to be involved in talks for creating all sector deals.

The Business and Industrial Strategy Department said that it aims to deliver the modern industrial strategy and also have a record level of investment in R&D. There must be a fast growth in spending on infrastructure in the G-7, and also a shakeup in technical education.


These measures will put the UK in the lead in the industries of the future. Finally, the independent Industrial Strategy Council plans to monitor the success in industrial strategy and hold the government to account.

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