Trump administration adopts measures to plug immigration loopholes

trump fix immigration loopholes

trump fix immigration loopholes


The administration officials of President Trump have said that they are making a progress for a new legal package. It has an aim to plug the loopholes which are related to immigration. This is happening after the President has called the Republican lawmakers. He is seeking a border bill and can use the Nuclear Option to make it happen.

The laws in USA do not give permission to the persons who are crossing the Border to go back to their original countries. It needs a detailed procedure. Comparatively, Canada and Mexico have strict immigration laws. President Trump had urged the Congress to Act through a tweet.


President Trump made a series of announcements on Dreamer immigrants, open borders, drugs as well as crimes. He also issued a warning to Mexico to stop large scale immigrants and also threatened vengeance.

He is angry after realizing that the bill regarding expenses which has his signature is inadequate. It was unable to give funds to build a big, border wall which was a promise he gave to his supporters. There is a funding of $1.3 trillion where $1.6 billion is reserved to be spent on border wall. However, the money can be used in repair work of existing segments. Through it no new sections can be built.

New measures

There are a few new measures of the administration. Prominent among them are ending special safeguards which prevent the deportation of children who are arrested at the border. Presently, the children who are not having any companion, and belong to the countries, that do not share a border with USA, remain in the custody of Department of Health and Human Services. There is a lengthy deportation process in front of a judge instead of facing deportation.


There is a focus on the Congress to end a settlement of 1997 court. It says that the government has to release children from the custody and give them to parents, caretakers or adult relatives. There is a complaint that many children do not participate in the hearing.

These proposals will face opposition from Democrats as well as moderate Republicans who are facing a midterm election. The President is keen to ensure that this issue remains in public conversation.

Change in Senate rules

The President seeks a change in Senate rules and has a hope that the simple majority of 51 votes will be sufficient. Presently, 60 votes must be gathered for legislation. The Senate has voted only 39 votes regarding giving protection to Dreamers. Now it not get any support even if there is a change in rules.

There is a report which says that 1,100 Honduran migrants are marching along the road and train tracks in Oaxaca of Mexico. These migrant caravans are having a presence in southern Mexico for the last five years. They try to reach the U.S. border. The caravans do not proceed farther north than the state of Veracruz. The current march will end this month and there will be a conference on migration in the state of Puebla Mexico.

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