Trade in EU area supports 36 million jobs

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Recently the European Commission published two new studies. These highlight the increasing importance of EU exports for creating job opportunities in Europe and also in areas beyond it. EU exports to various regions of the world are important. They also support 36 million jobs across Europe, which is substantially more than the figures of 2000. Women hold 14 million of such jobs. Additionally, EU world exports generate an added value of €2.3 trillion in the EU.

EU Exports Supporting in Creating Millions of Jobs

After the beginning of Commission in 2014, exports support several jobs. In fact these jobs increased by 3.5 million and are 12% better paying, in comparison to the jobs, in the other sectors of the economy.

Furthermore, such studies make it clear that trade always means better jobs. As per the EU Commissioner for Trade Cecilia Malmström, Exports carried out from the European Union to the world; support the life of many citizens, residing in all areas of Europe. 40 percent of the trade jobs support and benefit women. Additionally another highlight is that such trade gives immense benefit to millions of jobs, beyond the borders of EU. Even the developing countries get the benefit from this. This is a proof that trade is always a winner, and good for partners in the world.

The data collected from 2000 shows that the highest increase happened in:
Bulgaria (+312%), Slovakia (+213%), Portugal (+172%), Lithuania (+153%), Ireland (+147%), Estonia (+147%) Latvia (+138%), and Italy by +52%.

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