Tourism and Hospitality Career

tourism and hospitality career

tourism and hospitality career

Tourism and Hospitality Myths

There is a myth that pursuing a career in tourism and Hospitality would be like a holiday, hanging out in hotels, restaurants, and bars all day long performing little work and touring around the world helping people have a good time.

Similarly, some think, Tourism and hospitality sector is like a temporary job to consider in your holidays to earn extra income, which is also not true.

A career in Hospitality and Tourism can be challenging and exciting but also needs high dedication and hard work as well.

So before you get into Tourism and Hospitality career, you need to know in and out of this industry.

Tourism and Hospitality Realities

Careers in Hospitality may differ enormously depending on the organization you work in. For example, working in a small time hotel or coffee shop will be very different when compared to the working in a five-star resort. You will be exploring different career paths depending on the size of the organization and the service they provide.

Every Organization needs managerial staff to inspect the general operations. Star hotels and resorts will hire staff for the respective departments like finance, human resources, marketing, and Administration.
Evidently, there are much more opportunities in Hospitality industry like:

  • Restaurant staff
  • Cleaners
  • Chefs
  • Concierges
  • Bar staff
  • Customer service staff
  • Kitchen assistants
  • Entertainment organizers

Restaurants, eateries and catering services mostly depend upon Chefs and other kitchen staff with unique skills. Eateries require the managerial team to inspect the functions and efficiency of other departments. Similarly, waiters, bar staff and sometimes professional stewards are also necessary.
Bars, clubs, and pubs require staff for active bar work. Likewise, there are many managerial opportunities available around the UK. It also provides various other career opportunities in event management and promotion in the larger chain.

Juice bars and coffee houses and other identical joints are spreading all over and creating job opportunities for baristas, juice operators, etc.,
Cultural events and Conferences require customer service representatives, promotional teams and bar staff of hospitality for smooth customer service.

The tourism industry is incorporated into almost the same careers as the hospitality industry. Staff in tourist information centers and travel agencies and provide valuable services, which eases holiday experiences.

Their knowledge of specific areas will save a lot of time of tourists and help them to explore more places.

As an alternative, face-to-face tourism services, internet, and travel literature are booming day by day.
Similarly, tour guides, tour operators and holiday representatives and other staff help tourists to experience the most exposure. These services are essential in the extreme areas of tourism, to provide safety and technical knowledge for adventure sports knowledge.

Passenger services are also an essential part of Tourism Sector. Customer service staff on trains, cruise ships, ferries, coaches and Air cabin crew are necessary for making people comfortable.

So the career in Tourism and hospitality is not all about chilling out and having fun on the job, but they are not as dull as a daily 9 to 5 job. If you have excellent communication skills, patience, and friendly nature, tourism and hospitality could be the right industry to pursue your career.

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