Toronto adds many tech jobs in five years compared to other major cities

Toronto adds many tech jobs in five years compared to other major cities

Toronto has completed a rare honor by adding the most number of technology jobs in the last five years. Presently it is the fourth-best talent market in the technology domain in Canada and the U.S., as per a report by CBRE Group.

Jobs Added

This report says that Toronto added 82,100 jobs related to technology between 2012 and 2017.  It has surpassed the Bay Area in San Francisco by 4,270 jobs.

The ranking of 50 cities is based on 13 metrics by the firm famous for commercial real estate services. These metrics are tech job growth, office rents, education levels, housing costs, and population trends.
The cities had these ranks – Ottawa 13th, Montreal 14th, and Vancouver 25th.

In the five year period ending at 2017, Montreal added 22,300, Vancouver 16,100 and Ottawa 9,700 tech jobs.

Toronto has a good place

Toronto had a fourth rank which is two spots higher than in the previous year. The strong job growth of the city made it at the top spot overall on the ratio of jobs created in comparison to the number of tech degrees awarded in each city.

Ottawa had 11.2 per cent of all jobs making it the highest concentration of tech talent among the 50 markets. In comparison San Francisco was at 9.8 percent and Toronto at 8.9 percent. Moreover Ottawa had a high rank in the momentum of talent pools as it had 15.2 percent growth in tech employment for the two years ending in 2017.

These four Canadian cities in the study had ranks of the four lowest wages in relation to the average.

Other cities

San Francisco had a ranked that was highest on average wages with an annual US$125,000. Ottawa had the highest ranked among the cities in Canada for wages of US$67,871.

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