Top 5 Technological Skills Having A Good Demand In Singapore

Top 5 Technological Skills

Singapore has an increased customer demand in Professionals having the expertise in Cyber Risk, Data Science and Software Development. This was the finding of a specialist recruitment firm that gives a rank to the five popular technology roles in Singapore in 2019. These are

  1. Cyber Security Analysts;
  2. Technology Risk Managers;
  3. Data Scientists;
  4. Project Managers
  5. Software Developers

On the strength of this demand there is creation of new opportunities for expert technological partners in these segments. Today the businesses face the challenge of lack of internal skills. Moreover, there is a need for increasing the engagement with third-parties.

Additionally, Singapore is developing an IT sector, and also has the aspiration to become a technology hub regionally as well as globally. There is a shortage of available IT candidates, increasing the pressure on several employers.

Also there is an increasing disconnect between the necessary jobs and the skills that are available. Thus the IT employers have to focus and become more responsive to the transformation happening in the economic and digital domains. There is a huge need for hiring the staff possessing the right skill sets.

Recruiting in Artificial Intelligence, Data Strategy and Digital Strategy is fierce and competitive within the IT sector of Singapore. The process of technology disruption, digitization, and automation is placing bigger pressure on companies to attract the IT professionals.

IT professionals are in a favourable position while negotiating starting salaries when they possess emotional intelligence, wide-ranging experiences, modern skills, and an aptitude for new technologies and to manage and work with diverse personalities.

1 – Cyber Security Analyst

There is an awareness of threats in cyber security today and new regulatory processes are introduced for combating such threats. Singapore has a trend towards enhancing cyber-hygiene and there is a huge demand for Cyber-Security Professionals. As per expert, jobs of cyber security specialists are at the top in Singapore, in all industries.

2 – Technology Risk Manager

Cyber attacks are increasing, and as a result of the Cyber-Security Agency of Singapore, as well as Financial Services Information Sharing and Analysis Center collaborate to promote and advance sharing of security threat intelligence. These will also conduct joint initiatives for protecting the financial services sector. There is a great demand in technology risk and Regulatory Technology jobs for complying with regulations.

3 – Data Scientist

Today there is a growth in big data and many organizations feel that the data scientists play the crucial role in the technology department. They can aptly apply mathematical/analytical skills, and business acumen, to progress in the market.

4 – Project Manager

Many employers in Singapore gain immediate access to high-demand skill sets, and can fill skills gaps and manage exclusive projects, leading to a demand for effective project managers in IT projects.

5 – Software Developer

Software development is very important for the future of an organization because businesses adapt their software to suit the varying needs of customers/clients. There is a good demand for skilled professionals who develop and implement latest technology and improve the processes.

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