TOP 10 Jobs With Good Demand In Canada For 2019

Demand In Canada

As per the statistics, the employment rate in Canada is a record low since 1976. It offers the best possible opportunity to appear for work in the country. Selecting the career path is a tough decision in life. The talents and interests, as well as the knowledge of the most promising jobs, is helpful. There is a common view, that the tech industry gets the most priority but a fresh report has illustrated the fact that there is an increase in demand for non-tech jobs also. We present a list, in which the interested persons can find the finest jobs in 2019 in Canada.

Canada unemployment rate

The report states that the best jobs are those that offer an average salary paying above 70,000 CAD annually. Moreover, the listed jobs have to consistently grow in the share of jobs posting between the years 2015 and 2018.

Best jobs in Canada for the year are:

  • Data Scientists
  • Dentists
  • Development Operations Engineers
  • Full-Stack Developers
  • Financial Controllers
  • Machine Learning Engineers
  • Product Owners
  • Senior Back-End Developers
  • SalesForce Administrators and
  • Veterinarians

Of these, the machine learning engineers, a tech-related job, tops the list and the technology domains are growing at a rapid pace. The global increase of tech jobs in Canada was at 58 per cent, after 2015. Thus Information Technology is the fastest-growing job sector in Canada.

Also, for the new immigrants, especially those that have career experience as tech-worker in the past get an immense chance to be successful.

There is popularity even for non-tech occupations as seen in the list. There are slots for veterinarians and financial controllers.  Finally, Statistics Canada has reported that there was a sizable increase in job openings in health care as well as social assistance last year.

Candidates who have the skills sets that match with any of the listed occupations can think of immigrating to Canada. We will provide guidance on it.

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