Tips to get your Dream Job Abroad


Whenever a person has thoughts about getting a new job frequently, it is the right time to think of finding a job abroad. A right move for a right person brings tremendous adventure and boosts the spirit which is curbed in a stagnating career. It offers new challenges and helps to get global experience which will look good on a resume.

Here are the three steps to get an international dream job.

Create a profile defining your objectives
To start with, create a comprehensive profile that specifically expresses your desire to work abroad. Provide as much information as possible and mention the countries of your interest in working. Highlight the skills and experience that organizations feel is of value in those countries.

Conduct proper research and follow companies
Make a list of the target companies. Check out whether a foreign company hires persons like you or if an American company hires people for placing in international positions. Look online for the desired location for companies/organizations that can send you abroad. There are always offers for secondment, company exchange programs, and externship.

Find a relevant contact email and get in touch with them. Ask questions about exchange opportunities and positions available directly which match your goals.  Some recruitment firms focus on visa-sponsoring processes and jobs and offer advice on searching international jobs. Prepare to look for country-specific tools or agencies, which offer counseling on jobs, which are suitable, for your nationality and required sector.  Do the Networking with companies, which operate in the target destination or industry. Find relevant companies and see if you have any connections with any staff member.

Prepare to Do Virtual Interviews
After sending emails to hiring managers, Interviews to overseas locations are best done through video conversations. An interview on Skype or Hangout should be given after due preparation similar to a face to face meeting. Read the mission statement of the company, write questions, and rehearse the answers. Have a good internet connection and avoid embarrassing situations.

Give a thought while expressing your views and opinions, experiences and emotions, and say the apt words. Think of how they will be interpreted and communicate accordingly. Be appropriate, dignified and professional all the time. Control your voice and excitement. Research about how you could be interpreted by the interviewer.

Use LinkedIn
LinkedIn is a handy accessory and an invaluable tool. It presents several contacts and adds information about jobs all over the world. It is meant for people who aim to target job opportunities in far-off lands where they do not have an existing network.

Organize for taking a Trip
A part of the preparation requires you to attend any relevant networking events. It requires time. Take preliminary efforts to the next level. Use the time in a better manner, and sort out tasks into what to do before going to that country. Set up interviews, make better connections through fine networking, research and attend industry events, and also study the prevalent corporate culture.  Follow up with the people you meet and stress your desire to move abroad. Ask for introductions to relevant people. Be patient professional and persistent in all the activities you do.

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