Canada is Evolving as Attractive Destination For Students Globally


A new research conducted by IDP concludes that Canada is the top place for undertaking studies. The reasons cited are the safest environment and welcoming government policy.  The enhanced status of Canada was the reason behind Australia and New Zealand losing the race for the top spot.

The Student Buyer Behaviour Research of IDP’s analyzed the top five English-speaking destinations and thoroughly examined the rating given by 4,200 mobile students. The parameters chosen were safety, meeting the expenses, quality of education, and employability of graduates.

Canada is a destination which has a great strength in the global market for studies, but the USA lost when factors of affordability, safety, fulfilling visa requirements, and employment opportunities for graduates were taken into consideration. Canada has always been regarded as a clean and safe destination.

The UK was hit mildly as it chose to move away from the European Union, and the research shows that it was regarded as a less safe destination to study 2017.

The results of the research were released by Lyndell Jacka, Head of Research IDP Education at the International Education Conference held in Hobart.

The figures show that affordability in Australia is indeed a concern for many students, but the impressive performance of Canada was the chief cause that both New Zealand and Australia lost the top spot.

When the motivation of the students was considered, the research breaks the student population into three broad categories. For students of India and Indonesia, the matters of priority were the quality of content and post-study work opportunities.

For the students of Vietnam and Malaysia, self-discovery and affordability were the primary considerations.

The Chinese students were motivated by the reputation, as well as the standard of the institution where they intended to study.

Wendy Luther is the CEO of Edu-Nova, a joint attempt by Nova Scotian government and institutions, to increase the profile of the Canadian province as an attractive destination for education. She mentioned that the upper hand of her nation was because of the message of openness given and changes introduced by the country. Job vacancies in Canada would increase, because of the trends in the country and the disadvantages suffered by the US and the UK. Canada will take steps to capitalize on such global events and adopt a consistent approach to marketing and recruitment.

EduNova and the Canadian government have cooperated in these matters and the results are visible she added. We are publicizing such messages and the students will respect it. The changes to citizenship and employment paths have also impacted well towards this she said. Canadian pathways are now more open, and the change in rules has helped the international students to score more points unlike the approaches adopted by the UK and US. This will help in searching the Jobs in Canada for Indians in a big way.

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