Some High-Paying And Stress Free Jobs For Smart Performers

Jobs For Smart Performers

There are plenty of high-paying, jobs that have a low stress level.   As per the report and database of the US Department of Labor after compiling detailed information on jobs and salary data of the US Bureau of Labor Statistics here is a list of such jobs. The factors here are acceptance of frequent criticism by workers and dealing effectively with stressful work.

1 The list begins with the Online merchant at a Stress tolerance of 65 and an Average yearly salary of $76,960. They Conduct retail business activities and perform duties like preparing business strategies, apart from other routine activities. The Educational requirement is a Bachelor’s degree.

2 – The Transport Vehicle Inspector

The Average yearly salary here is $75,330 earned for Inspecting and monitoring transport equipment, vehicles, or their systems. The task is to ensure strict compliance with rules and safety standards. A  High school diploma is the Educational requirement.

3 -Teacher of Ethnic and Cultural Studies

Average yearly salary is $85,450 and they need to teach courses relevant to the culture and development of an ethnic group or an area, the requirement is A doctoral degree and post-doctoral training.

4-Commercial and Industrial Designers get an Average salary of $67,030 and develop appealing appliances like cars, and toys with an artistic talent.

5 – Molecular and Cellular Biologists’ get an Average yearly salary of $67,790 for studying research on cellular molecules. They also improve understanding of cell functioning.

6 –The Budget analysts get an Average salary of $71,220 and are a boon to the private and public companies for organizing and managing their finances. They prepare budget reports and also monitor the spending.

7- Sociologists avail an Average yearly salary of $72,810
to study behavior and analyze the groups, organizations, cultures, and social institutions when people work and interact together.

8- A Nuclear Technician gets the annual salary of $74,690
and is in charge of equipment operations, or as a technician assists physicists and engineers in nuclear research.

9 -Computer programmers are important persons getting an Average yearly salary of $77,550. They write and test the code which makes computer applications, and allows the software program to run properly.

10- The next on the list are Database Administrators getting an Average yearly salary of $80,280. They store and organize data, and deal with customer records and financial information through the special software programs.

11 – The teachers of Computer Science get an Average annual salary of $80,730 and are specialists in designing, functioning, operations and analysis.

12 Nuclear Reactor Operators earn an Average salary of $82,270 per year and move control rods, start the equipment and stop it. They monitor controls, and also record data.

13-Fuel Cell Engineers earn an annual salary of $83,060
for designing, evaluating, modifying, and constructing fuel cell components as well as systems. They implement cost reduction techniques.

14 – A Chemistry Teacher earns an Average salary of  $83,360  per year after teaching courses regarding the chemical and physical properties and changes in composition of substances.

15-Biochemists and Biophysicists earn $84,940 annually after they study the physical and chemical principles of living things. They also examine biological processes, cell development, body growth, and diseases.

16-Materials Engineers get the annual salary of $87,690
for developing, processing, and testing materials used in the creation of aircraft wings, computer chips, and biomedical devices.

17-Marine Engineers earn $92,930 annually and deal with the designing, building, and maintenance of ships. They look into the structure, and stability, also.

18-Materials Scientists get the Average salary of $94,350 annually after a thorough research and study of the chemical properties and structure of materials like alloys, metals, ceramics, polymers, and glass. They determine ways of strengthening materials.

19-Environmental Economists benefit from an Average salary of $95,710 annually. They also analyze economic factors relevant to protection and use of natural resources, like water, land, air, and renewable energy and also evaluate and quantify benefits.

20-Software Developers get the Average salary of $97,990 annually.  They build the applications allowing the performance of tasks/functions on computers and devices. They allow devices and networks to run correctly.

21-An Electronics Engineer earns an Average salary of  $99,660  and deals with research, designing, creation, and testing of electronic components/systems for various uses.

22- An Economics Teacher gets $102,120 as an Average salary annually. They teach courses at a college or ata university.

23-Astronomers are important persons who get an annual salary of $107,140 after observing, researching, and interpreting astronomical occurrences. They improve basic knowledge of the universe and solve practical problems.

24- Finally the Computer Hardware Engineer gets the Average salary of $108,430 by doing the research, designing, testing and developing of, computers and related equipments.

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