Brexit makes Britain a big source for movement of professionals to Ireland

jobs in ireland

jobs in ireland
Britain became a big net source of professionals for moving to Ireland in 2017. This was a reversal of the scenario, observed six months ago.

An analysis of membership data of LinkedIn (a corporate social network), illustrates the fact that, UK-based professionals, caused 21% of the net migration towards Ireland.

Sharon McCooey, Director, International Operations, LinkedIn, stated that for the last 18 months, there was a huge net migration to seek jobs in Ireland. For the first time, the UK was at the top of the list. It demonstrated continued economic recovery in Ireland, and panic over happenings of Brexit. India and Brazil followed closely. The main attraction is the Irish Software Sector.

Uniquely, even the business, in financial services, moved from London to Dublin owing to Brexit. In the light of realities, this field witnessed large-scale staff movement from the UK to Ireland.

She added that the boom in construction saw the return to the country of high-end professionals, to work. Again, Architects and Construction Engineers, who had earlier left Ireland in the downturn, arrived in large numbers.

Professionals now seek career development, which marks an encouraging sign for the Irish going abroad. Switzerland and Germany were the top countries which heavily attracted Irish talent. The popular spheres attracting Irish professionals were Oil, Pharmaceuticals, Engineering, Aerospace and Technology.

As a matter of fact, the main reasons of Irish people selecting immigration, to these countries were lifestyle choices and convenient tax regimes.

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