Skilled workers with a Job Offer get priority in Quebec Immigration

Simon Jolin-Barrette, the Immigration Minister of Quebec summarized the way the government will process the skilled workers applications and explained, that persons staying in Quebec already, and also the persons, enthusiastic to live/work outside the major cities, will get a priority in settling. There was no mention regarding the value test proposed by the Coalition Avenir Québec in its elections. Also, presently, it is not a part of the system, but the law permits the government in implementing such test in the later period.

The province needs the permission of the federal government for imposing such test. It is a fact that the Liberal government as well as the Conservative party is not enthusiastic in co-operating in this matter.

How it works

The online application system is at present open for applicants and they can submit the expression of interest form. It does not carry any charge. After the form enters the system, the government issues invitations, to skilled workers, for submitting the application, for permanent selection, and pay the related fee. They can do so, within 60 days of receiving the invitation.

Moreover, after submitting the application the government gives a decision within six months. This decision to invite for permanent selection will depend upon the present requirements of the provincial labor market.

The evaluation of the Official applications is based on the selection grid, where there are points for age, work experience, training, and knowledge of languages both French and English, duration of stay in Quebec and possession of a valid employment offer by the applicant.

The legislation

The Quebec National Assembly introduced the legislation- Bill 9 in June, and also cancelled 16,000 applications for immigration. It is a fact that some applicants have waited for many years for the processing in the old system.

At the time When CAQ government announced the intention to start it freshly; there were 18,000 applications outstanding in the system. It processed only 2,000 applications. Moreover, among the 16,000 cases, now void, 3,700 applicants will get the invitation to reapply using the new system. These are from the people presently living/working in the province.

The New system Arrima will put an end to the timing of arrival system of immigration. Additionally it will allow the province to address labor shortage and target immigrants possessing the necessary skills.

Arrima will also reduce the waiting time of the applicants from 36 months to only six months. The period of 36 months was unreasonable.

A new portal

The government will set up a portal, connecting employers with workers, on the online basis, by Feb 2020. The minister also stated that people having the job offer from an employer will get a priority in the list.

Business lobby applauds the measure

The CPQ that is a major group of employers welcomed the plan. The launch of Arrima selection system will permit provincial employers to rapidly access skilled workers based on their needs. The Canadian Federation of Independent Business also showed the appreciation for the reforms. This measure will give a positive impact to recruit the talented persons and solve the provincial labor shortage. It was having a vacancy of 120,000 positions in January 2019.

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