Rwanda and Germany sign an Agreement for Job Creation and Governance

Rwanda and Germany sign an Agreement for Job Creation and Governance

The Rwanda Government is aiming to increase enrollment rate of students substantially in Technical Education Training Centers. The Government in Germany is supporting the mission of Rwanda for creating jobs. It has signed a €42 million Finance Agreement.

As per a statement of the Finance Ministry of Rwanda, there will be availability of funds, for governance and to finance job creation. The Finance Minister Dr. Uzziel Ndagijimana and Dr. Peter Woeste, the German Ambassador to Rwanda, signed this Financing Agreement.

As per the agreement, €12 million is allotted to support good governance and decentralization. The € 9 million disbursement is for reforms in the Public Finance Management.


The Ministry has an allocation of € 14 million, for developing vocational and technical training centers. It will also channel €7 million for supporting the programs of Rwanda’s Green Fund.

The Finance Minister also said that this agreement will focus on priority areas of the Government like good governance, capacity building and employment generation. Furthermore, this will help to achieve future development goals of the country. The continuous cooperation for development, and the present agreement shows, the relations and mutual trust between the Governments of the two countries. Presently, Rwanda has a target to create 1.5 million off-farm jobs in the future.

The German Ambassador, appreciated Rwanda’s past development results, and also highlighted the significance of the governmental cooperation. He also focused, on the role of civil society and private sector to reach the Sustainable Development Goals at the global level.

Looking ahead

Presently, Germany has a strong focus, to improve its links with Africa. The German Chancellor has also invited African leaders, to attend a G-20 Conference. We at Jobs and Permit, have a drive all developmental news before our patrons. Please stay in touch with us.


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