Residents of Hong-Kong and Malaysia confident of technology generating new jobs

New jobs to be created in Hong Kong and Malaysia on Technology - JobsandPermits

A recent report, says that many residents of Hong Kong and Malaysia believe that technology will create fresh vacancies.

The Hong Kong perspective

81 percent of residents of the city of Hong Kong remain positive that digital technology offers new opportunities. This quarterly report is based on the responses of 400 employees /job seekers based in Hong Kong.
Moreover, they are aware that they need to have better skills to take advantage of fresh opportunities coming from new innovations and technological advancements.

The details

Eight-three percent respondents stated that they need to acquire a new skill set for working in a digital-based environment. They also want to acquire the skills to have better employability.

As per an HR company survey, 48 percent of respondents said that their employer was investing to gain expertise in new technologies in artificial intelligence like machine learning, automation, and robotics.

These emerging technologies are likely to have a positive impact on their job in the future. 79 percent also believe that their employers must provide adequate training for them to increase productivity and acquire new digital skills. 46 percent among them said that their employers are already doing this. 63 percent have decided to invest in themselves and learn AI.

Confidence in the next generation

A healthy 84 percent of respondents In Hong Kong said that students are learning skills and also had an exposure to the right digital skills to prepare them for the workforce of the future.

Furthermore, the workforce Mobility Index in Hong Kong is moderate in the fourth quarter of 2018. 34 percent of respondents had changed their job in the past six months. This was 30 percent in the past quarter.

The Malaysian perspective

Another report says that nine in 10 residents in Malaysia believe that digital technology presents a set of new opportunities. They are also positive regarding acquiring new skills to work in a digital-based environment. Ninety-three percent agree to personally acquire the skills to further their employability. 69 percent of respondents said that their employer is making an investment in the new technology in the domain of AI. , 81 percent agree that emerging technologies have a positive impact on the job scenario in the future. 82 percent think that their employers need to provide them with sufficient training to increase productivity and also to obtain fresh digital skills.  63 percent expressed that their employers were doing this.

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