Requirement of 60,000 New Nurses in Canada

Requirement of 60,000 New Nurses in Canada


The Canadian Nurses Association has issued a warning that Canada will experience a severe shortage of nurses in the future. It predicts a shortage of 60,000 nurses by 2022. This shortage can be filled up by inviting more nurses to settle through immigration. The reason is a series of budget cuts, and the failure to employ nurses to keep up with the demand of hospitals in Canada. This is quite a dangerous position of lacking nursing professionals. This can lead to poor quality Canadian healthcare service. There is a wide range of immigration programs for the foreign nurses to come and settle in Canada and have a brilliant career in Healthcare Industry.

Immigration Options for Nurses

The Canadian government runs many immigration programs to help nurses to become PRs. When they succeed they get the right of living and working in Canada. The nurses can use any of these immigration options.

Express Entry

In the Express Entry online immigration program the nurse’s category comes under the Federal Skilled Worker Program. The nurses having at least one year full-time work experience qualify in this program. FSW has two stages of processing. It uses Comprehensive Ranking System score to select the top applicants. The nurses who have good education, fine work experience and proficiency in English/French languages can apply successfully in this stream.

Nova Scotia Nominee Program

Like other provinces Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Program, targets nurses living abroad to migrate to Canada permanently. It needs one year of nursing experience and also a profile existing in the Express Entry pool.

Quebec Skilled Workers

Quebec also runs its immigration program for overseas workers (Quebec Skilled Worker Program). It is based on point system and ranks the applicants to select top candidates to immigrate to the province. The nurses also get more points for a high level of education and work experience. Furthermore, the nurses who wish to apply and get the Canada PR need to know that a certificate is a compulsory requirement for practicing in the country. Based on their level of education and work experience as per the Canada Nursing Credentials, immigrant nurses have to complete additional training and appear for the National Council Licensure Examination before they get the work authorization.

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