Recruitment Firm Unveils High Demand Jobs in Malaysia as Banks Go Digital

Recruitment Firm Unveils High Demand Jobs in Malaysia as Banks Go Digital

Talents who can manage big data and technology are in demand as more Malaysian financial and banking services, make the digital transformation, recruitment firm Hays stated.

Natasha Ishak, Sr. manager at Hays explains that Malaysia’s financial and banking services observed that the digital move had affected all perspectives of the local financial and banking services sector, covering from product development to contact centers and departments of compliance.

While observing performances depend on data obtained from manual research is a matter of the past, now it is practically second nature that runs over the board must cover consumer and digital analytics, she stated in Hays Malaysia’s recent Intelligence report for the monthly market sector, The Inside Story in Malaysia.

Increasing Demand for Digitalization in Banking

Stating that fintech organizations are pressuring all banks to invest in latest technologies and with 66% of banks striving to attain digital maturity for the following year, Hays Malaysia described the quick enlargement of financial services moving online in the nation and the drive for virtual banking.

As industry leaders await up to 03 authorizing guidelines for virtual-bank services to be announced by Bank Negara by the close of 2019 or soon as the direction for the industry is finalized.

Quoting a news report latest year, Hays Malaysia told e-wallets estimate for only 50 percent of cashless payments in Malaysia, which estimates only about 20% of payments done in the nation where many still choose cash.

Hays Malaysia showed that banks are attending to compete with organizations that give digital financial services.

High Demand Jobs In Malaysia

Banks have been enthusiastic about developing internal tech teams that contain user interface, big data, and analytics experts to digitalize both internal processes and product offerings. Managers in Network systems project and managers in infrastructure applications are also in high demand, the recruiter told.

The recent set of requirements for independent credit reviews by the B.N.M asks for banks to form teams to carry out an extra layer of analysis. Credit risk, Credit auditors, and review experts are, as a consequence, extremely sought after. Risk managers with expertise in risk analytics and practical knowledge in SQL, SAS, and VBA have an advantage in the previous candidate-driven job market,” Hays Malaysia stated.

In describing why front office jobs in banks have increased in the past year, Hays Malaysia told the concentration with the private banking and wealth management sectors on customers with great net-worth.

It indicates demand for relationship managers, private bankers, and branch managers with work experience in such areas, Hays Malaysia announced, having quoted 2018 Global Wealth Databook of Credit Suisse which saw Malaysia’s wealth per adult nearly quadrupled from USD 23,853 (RM 99,180) in 2000 to USD 93,004 (RM 386,710) in the year 2018.

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