Pros and Cons of working abroad

People are planning these days to move to other countries in terms of better opportunities and a good financial assistance for themselves and their family. Almost 232 million people are said to be working outside the country of their birth place. Staying in another country on your own without any help ultimately helps you to grow and develop as a person. You are exposed to new culture, new language, new people. As there is boom in the market for working abroad, there are certain pros and cons as well that you should know if you are planning to work abroad.

  • Good standard of Living: People who live abroad have a high standard of living. People of different countries leave their hometown only to experience this living.
  • Experience different Cultures : Working abroad will help you to experience different cultures and religions.It enhances the person’s knowledge and makes them environment friendly .
  • Travel : While working abroad candidates gets opportunity to travel for the purpose of work and leisure which helps them to have broad perspective towards life and work.
  • Learn new Language: Travelling from one place to another helps person to learn new languages. Apart from the languages of their own country, people get to open up to many languages like german, french, etc.
  • Financial rewards :People who work abroad have the opportunity of earning more as compared to their domestic jobs.
  • Gives weightage to your resume: Working abroad helps you stand out from the crowd and gives weightage to your resume. The person having international experience would be given first preference.
  • Improves communication skills: A person is able to improve his communication skills as he comes across language barriers and cultural differences. By facing and dealing with such language barriers the person learns the skill of communicating with people of different cultures and language.


  • Culture Shock :As every country has different culture and language. At the initial days of your work you may find it difficult to speak and adjust to the surrounding. So dealing with the behaviour of different people of different countries comes as a cultural shock.
  • Traditional holidays at home: The people working abroad doesn’t get the opportunity to enjoy the traditional festivals of their country with people surrounding them. One has to work round the clock without any occasional holidays.
  • Leave behind your family and friends:No friends and no family to spend time if the person has gone alone for working abroad. This should be taken in notice beforehand and the person should be prepared emotionally before leaving.


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