Prepare and protect yourself well before working abroad

Working overseas and with one of the best companies is like an exotic adventure. But don’t take this exotic adventure lightly as it may end up going back to your home. Prepare yourself with every situations faced.

  • Have reserve money : As being new to the place and work you would face some money crisis during the first month of your job. So do arrive with the reserve money in your bank as you would also be spending while exploring the place.
  • Culture shock : Some of the candidates among the crowd who go abroad for work have been outwitted by culture shock and as so they had gone back to their home only after some weeks. In the beginning as everything is new you would love being an expat. But after sometime as there is no family support and homely environment you would start feeling low. Accept this change and try to be a part of it.
  • Cover yourself with international health insurance: Illness is never planned. There is nothing worse than being injured or sick in another country and that too away from the love and support of your family members. So just cover yourself with the international health insurance to be prepared for the unexpected things that happen.
  • Prepare your Paperwork : Before leaving for overseas make sure you have all the paperwork ready as it can create a big hassle for you. You should keep your documents like certificates, references, resume, resources, police checks, actual visa, bank statements and your ID proofs ready.
  • Pack wisely : There is a tendency among many people to pack their teddy bears, every picture frame and unnecessary stuff, just to feel at home. Do research about the season, lifestyle and culture and special clothes requirement. This will lower your shipping cost as well as baggage.
  • Costs : Manage your expenses well while you are in another country. Buy those products and services only during your initial days at another country like renting a house, vehicle hire, transportation and phone and internet coverage to name a few.
  • Taxes: Have knowledge about what type of tax you are liable to pay. Taxback is website that checks your details and tell you for free the amount of tax you owe.

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