Ontario offers Support to Manufacturing Jobs in Vaughan

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Ontario has decided to become a partner of Vision Extrusion Group. It has a plan to invest in new technologies and machinery, and help to create 76 new jobs. It will also retain 500 positions in Vaughan.
Great steps
The Minister of Economic Development and Growth, Steven Del Duca, announced this. The Group produces several building products, transforms plastic polymers to make doors, window frames, fences and railings. Furthermore, it has the support from Jobs and Prosperity Fund, of Ontario. The Vision Group aims to upgrade the machinery. It plans to invest heavily in new technologies. As a result, there will be automated production and waste reduction.
The project will improve the efficiency and productivity of the company. Moreover, it will enhance the technical capability and take steps for minimum cost. This will lead to the Vision Extrusion Group to become competitive in the international market.
What is the plan?
Presently, the objective of Ontario is to support care, and create several opportunities. Consequently, this will lead to an affordable life in a period of quick economic changes. It aims to provide better minimum wage, finest working conditions, and free tuition to students. Furthermore, it will also provide easy access to child care, free prescription drugs for all people below the age of 25 and above 65. This will be a huge expansion of medical care.
Ontario aims to provide $1.5 million through the Jobs and Prosperity Fund in the overall project worth of $18.2 million. This project has a deadline to be complete in December 2022.
Vision Extrusion Group is a family owned company. The work at Vaughan has more than 200 extrusion lines, Research &Development laboratories, plastics compounding and tool and die shop facilities.
Working pattern
This Fund helps to get investment from the private sector in Ontario. Furthermore, it allows the government to become a partner of business establishments which create jobs and increase productivity. Also there is a focus on innovation and exports. Starting from January 2013, Ontario has made a commitment of $830 million in projects that are managed by the Fund. It has invested $10.9 billion totally. Accordingly, it is successful in creating and retaining 46,000 jobs.

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