Ontario is set to Secure many Auto Manufacturing Jobs

Ontorio Manufacturing Jobs

Ontorio Manufacturing JobsBackground
Toyota has opted to make Ontario its Manufacturing Hub for RAV4. The Premier of Ontario Kathleen Wynne has announced that this major investment will go a long way to secure around 8,000 automotive jobs. Furthermore it will improve the global competitive level of the province in a critical economic period.
Justin Trudeau, PM Canada, accompanied Premier Wynne at assembly plant of Toyota in Cambridge to focus that this new investment will increase the competitive levels of the operations at Woodstock and Cambridge. Furthermore, it will support the overall viability of production in automotive in the Province.
The details
There is a matching of $110 million investment of Ontario by the government also. This will be a part of the total investment worth $1.4 billion. It will strengthen the claim of Woodstock and Cambridge to become the manufacturing hub in North American for the RAV4. It also helps in the manufacture the hybrid versions. The process to manufacture the RAV4 is complex, as well as labor-intensive. This project will extend support to 8,000 present jobs and also add 450 jobs. Consequently, after this investment, manufacturing operation of Toyota in Ontario will take a lead in hybrid SUV production in North America.
This partnership will be beneficial to:
• Reequip the provincial operations of the company in building modern vehicles by using the New Global Architecture. This will also lead to enhancing the competitiveness and performance of the vehicle, and help in the engineering process,
• Support production in future,
• Extend full Support to research as well as innovative development, and the new technology in paint and plastics shop,
• Moreover, it will provide special training to workers,
Toyota is a large vehicle producer in the province and plays a great role in its automobile sector. This investment in the North American auto industry will make the Woodstock and Cambridge plants greatly competitive.
Securing a bright future in automotive is a part of the governmental plan in supporting many initiatives. These include providing care, creating new opportunities and making life affordable during a period of economic upheavals.
The plan provides for free drugs for people below 25, and over 65 years by expanding Medicare. Additionally, there is free tuition for students, a better minimum-wage package and nicest working conditions. It also has the feature of free preschool child care from an infant stage to kindergarten.
Ontario has the first rank in Canada and occupies the third rank in North America to attract Greenfield overseas investment directly. It has a plan to give a conditional grant of $110 million to Toyota in a total investment of $1.4 billion. The Canadian Government also provides matching funds to the project. The Vehicle assembly and production of auto parts directly supports 100,000 jobs. Moreover there are several related jobs also. 800,000 jobs were created since recession and there were 18,000 manufacturing jobs in 2017.
Budget 2018 has a commitment to renovate, improve and extend the Jobs and Prosperity Fund as part of the Jobs and Growth Plan. It aims to increase $900 million in the next decade in the total of $3.2 billion in support a plan which started in 2014-15.

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