New York State Fair Offers 1,500 Jobs: Useful Tips To Apply In 2019

New York Jobs

The New York State conducts a 13-day Fair and hires 1,500 people each year to work for it. The state is accepting the applications. The Fair has earned a good reputation and many people return to do these jobs every year.

The jobs

The jobs are in the range of restroom attendants, general labor, maintenance and parking attendants, parking cashiers and security staff.

Most of the jobs involve tasks like ground work and manual cleaning. Applicants must perform light to medium work. Some jobs also involve a heavy physical labor.

There are requirements in these areas:

  • Art and Home
  • Trams
  • Efficient Customer service
  • Ushers at Chevy Court
  • Laborers, Maintenance staff/staff for Restrooms
  • Agricultural staff involving Livestock and Horses
  • Bag checkers
  • Agriculture that has non-livestock duties/youth
  • Safety providers
  • Parking attendants and cashiers
  • Gate staff and ticket takers

The requirements

All applicants must possess two forms of identification that have not expired. Veterans need to bring the DD-214 form. Applicants below the age of 18 years have to bring valid working papers. There are no requirements regarding experience or education. Applications will undergo the background investigation and also the criminal history check.

The minimum age

People below 18 years will get the job of parking attendants.

The pay

The jobs pay minimum wages, and the Syracuse area has a rate of $11.10 per hour. The pay of these jobs will be due on October 2.

The duration

Most jobs will cover the length of the fair, which will be held from August 21st to September 2nd. A few jobs commence before the first day of this fair.

Timings of Job Fair

You can apply for the job fair online. The authorities do not accept written applications.

The Vendors’ Jobs

Persons intending to work for the Food/Beverage sellers in the fair must apply to the companies concerned directly. The Fair does not offer an employment involving vendors or concessionaires.

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