Michigan – Manufacturing Jobs register an Increase for the seventh Year

Michigan - Manufacturing Jobs register an Increase for the seventh Year

As per the data of Manufacturer’s News, Michigan was successful, in adding manufacturing jobs, for the seventh straight year.
The manufacturing employment in Michigan increased to 1.6 percent between Feb 2017 and Feb 2018. This has been the trend since 2011.
Presently, Michigan has 13,457 manufacturers which give an employment to 719,684 persons. The employment of manufacturing sector in Michigan is on the path of growth, at a rate, which no other U.S. state could match. It increased by 99,547 jobs – a healthy 16 percent.
Furthermore there are several states interested in increasing manufacturing employment in the last several years; no state was able to add jobs similar to Michigan.

Certain facts

The reason is that the state has an educated workforce and there is a constant focus on innovation and technology. This allows automakers and other suppliers to develop and flourish. Additionally there is a boost in employment in multiple sub-sectors. Presently there is an uncertainty regarding steel and aluminum prices because of new import tariffs. This will have an impact on the automakers in the future.

More jobs

  • The major contributor in Michigan’s job gains were by the industry dealing with transportation equipment. It had 2 percent increase in the past year and is the largest sector in employment. The auto industry added 23,000 jobs in the last seven years. Fiat-Chrysler has a plan of shifting Ram heavy truck production in Warren, and it will create 2,500 jobs.
  • Flex-N-Gate dealing in Metal-stamping also started production in Detroit and has a plan of hiring 400 persons.
  • Furthermore overseas automakers are also attracted to the state. India’s SUV maker, Mahindra, also established an off-road vehicle facility at Auburn Hills.
  • NAVYA, a French autonomous vehicle maker, is already preparing for an assembly plant in Saline.
  • NAI, will go for production of interconnect assembly systems in Gaylord,
  • LG Electronics, will manufacture electric car parts in Hazel Park.


Moreover, there were additional gains in furniture and fixtures, fabricated metals, food processing, rubber and plastics and also in industrial machinery. Many sectors reported slight increase in employment or remained at the same level.
Grand Rapids was the top city of Michigan for having maximum manufacturing jobs. It is home to 48,403 workers. Industrial employment in Auburn Hills increased to 32,036 but decreased in Detroit to 30,002.

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