Maple Leaf Foods Builds A $660M Plant in London that Creates 1,500 Jobs

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A giant food industry in London, Maple Leaf Foods plans to construct a $660M plant with a big 60,000 on forty hectares of area. Today, Maple Leaf Foods itself announced that we are launching a poultry processing plant which will create nearly 1,500 jobs by 2020.

Chief executive of the London Economic Development Corp, Kapil Lakhotia declared that “We are highly excited to get an investment of this extent. London is a big hub for processing food and includes Maple Leaf kept us in another category. Our country London has over 60 agri-food sectors that are giving jobs for around 7,000 workers, Lakhotia announced.

Kapil Lakhotia Announces

Maple Leaf bought a big land in London and started plans for construction. The poultry plant will begin production in 2021 and they will hire nearly 1,500 workers to build it.

Maple Leaf has drawn to the CIty by the land availability, skilled workers, poultry farms, and logistics of London’s entry to highways 402 and 401.

“The London city site is excellent,” Lakhotia said.

This plant can construct at Highbury Avenue and Highway 401 on the Wilton Grove Road. The Ontario govt is giving $34.5-million as incentives and the federal govt has invested $20-million. “It will be built with highly advanced technologies and it’s going to be the best poultry with extraordinary facilities across the globe”, Lakhotia added.

“This is undoubtedly a great news for London people. We must all be excited. This is so vital to the local economy also. Brown credited LEDC for constructing the poultry plant and they will so crucial work to attract, grow and retain the investment and employment in the London community.”

Federal agriculture minister, Ontario Premier Doug Ford is attended along with industry officials and few politicians to announced this amazing news. Food distribution and policy’s professor at Dalhousie University in Halifax’s, Sylvain Charlebois felt that it is a fantastic news for communities in London.

Charlebois Says

“Canada required more Food processing plants, it hasn’t been enough. During the past decade, nearly 4,000 food processing plants have launched in the United States and during that same time, Canada has only 10 openings. The latest free market deal between US, Mexico, and Canada also have possibilities to distribute food into the United States”, Charlebois said.

London is already a growing food sector in the world with the Sikorski Sausage and Cargill, frozen pizza maker, Nestle ice cream plant, Dr. Oetker, and with a chicken processor and new investment in 2018.

Oetker said that it is investing $54.5 million to increase a production line to this food plant, adding the employment force to 300 from 200. It prepares over 40 million pizzas per annum.

Sikorski has invested $3.2 million that makes deli meats and smoked sausage and, adding 10 new roles.

Nestle declared a $51M investment raising around 200 roles.

Cargill invested over $22-million in this plant which is having 800 workers.

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