Malaysian PM keen to promote green industries and jobs in ASEAN

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A new vision

Malaysian PM Dr Mahathir Mohammad is keen to promote the identification process of the potential and prospects for green industries. Besides there will be a focus on such jobs in ASEAN member states. The region will also develop corresponding policies. He referred to the role of Malaysia as the chair person of the labor sector of the association from 2018-2020. The PM was also looking forward to work with ASEAN Dialogue partners like China, Korea and Japan. This will add to making a consequential headway for an impressive future of green jobs and green skills in the region.

He was moreover, confident that the stewardship of M. Kulasegaran, the Human Resources Minister the labor section of ASEAN will see a significant outcome in the promotion and facilitation of the green industries. There will be a focus on jobs and skills also.

Increase in employment in the green areas

Dr Mahathir went on to say that during the last two years, employment in the green areas of economy in the bloc increased by 3.2 percent. This is in comparison to the overall economic increase of five to six percent. There was a creation of 1.4 million Fresh green jobs as per the 2017 Annual Report of the Development Bank of Singapore.

Additionally there was a strong growth in the renewable energy sector also. There was a focus on wind and solar power. Moreover there was good production of equipment and installations for heating and energy savings which subsequently creates jobs in the region.

Dr Mahathir was of the opinion that agriculture, forestry, transport, renewable energy, construction and waste management sectors contributed in a big way to the green jobs. Moreover, there was a need to raise awareness on green jobs. A stress on up-skilling, reskilling, certification and grading was also necessary. These aspects can be exploited by Malaysia and prove to be very beneficial to the ASEAN bloc.

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