Justin Trudeau: India Inc committed to invest USD 1 billion into Canada, create over 5000 new Jobs

justin trudeau

justin trudeau
Today Justin Trudeau prime minister of Canada has announced that India Corporate has committed to invest $1billion in Canada, which will generate over 5000 new jobs.

The announcement was made following a few meetings Trudeau had with prominent leaders of industries like Kumar Mangalam Birla-Birla Group chairman, Salil Parikh-Infosys, N Chandrasekaran-Tata Group chairman, Pallonjee- Ministry group, Anand Mahindra Cheif-Mahindra group and among others.

Trudeau also had a 90-minutes meeting with business women’s leaders including Chanda Kochhar chief of ICICI Bank, Swati Piramal from Piramal Group and others at hotel Taj Mahal.

At Canada-India Business Forum in Mumbai, Trudeau said “There are tremendous connections between Canada and India, whether it is natural resources or tech sector like IT, creativity, pharmaceutical…there are huge compatibilities and complementarities between our nations. So much so that coming out of meetings this morning and a few other meetings we have had, we are able to announce today over 5,000 new jobs in Canada and over USD 1 billion of (Indian) investment in Canada.”Justin-Trudeau
Justin Trudeau spoke regarding his interaction with Indian business leaders, he mentioned the probability of investment by Canada to be made in India has also been part their discussion, exclusively about the benefit of the pension fund of Canada

“We also spoke about Canadian companies investing in India, whether it is pension funds or others,” he said.

“It has really been a win-win morning,” Trudeau did not name the prospective Indian investors but remarked.

Trudeau prime minister of Canada in 7 days long visit in India, spoke particularly about “extraordinary diversity” of his nation and said, “this pluralism comes with its own challenges but are immensely beneficial”.

“There are extraordinary diversity and pluralism in India which is not without its challenges but we have to understand that diversity of views and background gives an incredible amount of strength, a source of resilience in any organization, community or a country,” he said.

“To be able to listen to different points of view, learn from them and draw on them. To feel that ‘yes we are challenged, but not threatened by them’, I think is a sign of maturity in a community,” he added.

Canadian Prime Minister Felt that “It is not just Canada that is diverse, but other countries around the world as well” stating that India should be heading the way in respecting diversity.

Trudeau talking about the importance of women empowering in the day to day life’s, he told that Indian women’s participation in the business world is only 26% compare to globally which is very low.

“Business leaders should take the time to listen to women and empower them because empowering women leads to good business and helps the community,” Trudeau said.

Between two nations there is an enormous amount of “complementarily and compatibility”, Trudeau urged that India and Canada both should work on benefits of common people.

Currently sheltering about 1.25 lakh students from India each year; Trudeau wants his country to become one of the best destinations for students of India.

Opening doors for more Indians, Trudeau mentioned that the 1.3 million Indo- Canadians added to the countries strength.

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