Japan interested to recruit 2 lakh IT professionals 

2lakh tech jobs for indians in japan

2lakh tech jobs for indians in japan
Shigeki Maeda, Executive Vice President, Japan External Trade Organisation, which is a government body, stated that Japan will welcome nearly two lakh Indian IT professionals. It has also decided to grant Green Cards, for settling down in Japan, for supporting the growing IT infrastructure of the country.

Presently the country has, 9, 20,000 IT professionals, and there is an urgent demand for nearly 2, 00,000 more IT professionals. This is likely to increase further by 2030 when 8, 00,000 professionals will be needed.

There have been many technological innovations, happening at a rapid pace, necessitating this societal need. Japan has an aim, to fill this great gap, and is reaching out to Indian assistance, in the IT sector. Japanese companies, have felt the limitations, of an in-house innovation, and are desirous of seeking an advanced Information Technology Capability. They feel that India is an ideal partner, and are to looking towards it.

Japan is working on the aim to adopt the innovation and opt for emerging technologies, to transform the manufacturing methodology.

Owing to a thorough process, there is a shortage of trained and qualified professionals, in IT, who can improve the competitiveness, in the financial, life-science, agricultural and services sectors.
The government in Japan will issue Green Cards, for top skilled professionals, and help these professionals, to obtain permanent resident status, in just one year. This is the fastest granting of the residential right of in the world.

With effect from January 1st, 2018 the visa issuing rules, have been relaxed, by Japan for the Indian travelers.

The new norms demand that the applicants need not submit their Letters of Explanation and Employment Certificates when they seek multiple-entry visas. The documents required to be submitted, have been reduced to three. When an individual, travels to Japan twice in a year, the documents are reduced, to merely two, they being the Passport, and the Visa Application Form.

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