Japan set to provide jobs to foreigners graduating from its universities

Japan set to provide jobs to foreigners graduating from its universities

The Japanese immigration agency stated that it will accommodate the foreigners, in business sectors, allowing them to work, after they graduate from universities. The second scenario is when they complete postgraduate studies in Japan. This is an effort to attract more talents to work in the country.

The Implication

The revised notification of Justice Ministry will take effect on Thursday, and after that, the distant graduates can work at retail shops, restaurants, and in a factory after following the Designated Activities status of residence.

At the moment, these graduates usually acquire the visa of Engineers Specialists in Humanities or in International Services for working in jobs like Engineers and Accountants.

The status did not permit work in the service sector or in various factories. The reason was that they were irrelevant to their domains and expertise. Now it has opted for their addition to the list of activities. The aim is to engage the holders of such Designated-Activities visa.

Additionally, the plan in the changed Designated Activities visa is that it will be issued when the students are sure of full-time employment and equal payments compared with Japanese coworkers. Furthermore, they must be also proficient in the Japanese language.

Changed Times

Before the change, this visa was issued to people like those serving as domestic employees for diplomats.

This move comes at the time when Japanese companies seek to hire overseas workers having the ability in the Japanese language as there is a surge in foreign tourists visiting the country.

These expanded opportunities in the job market will increase the number of overseas workers in a big way annually.

Finally, it is a fact that Japan is facing a quickly graying population. Moreover, there is a declining birthrate chronic leading to the labor shortage. So it has stepped up efforts to raise a workforce from abroad. The new visa will attract many blue-collar workers to sectors having a labor shortage.

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