J1 Applications Set to Open for Next Summer

j1 visa

j1 visa
Students who wish to travel to work in the US, during the coming summer, required to provide proof of pre-organized job. It was a measure which has adopted in 2016. The visa Applications for it are presently open. The J1 visa program is held in high esteem and is considered important and of high value, in the bilateral relations of Ireland, with the US. USIT has offered an Early Bird Basic J1 Package for the students who register before 24th November. It helps them to get a job before reaching the US.

Applications are online at j1online.ie.

There was strong lobbying from the government in Ireland, in the past and the US had maintained that the system of pre-arranged employment was a necessity for the J1 visa. The US embassy said that, since its inception 50 years ago, 150,000 students have undertaken the J1 program from Ireland.

This development has happened, despite concerns raised subsequent to the comments, made by President Trump. It was a reflection that the administration was planning to drop this program. In September 2017, there was a campaign by many Irish and international students, who recalled their J1 stories, in the social media, and launched a hashtag, to share their opinion, in favor of continuing the program. They thought that it was a great part of their college experience, and removing it, would be very disturbing.

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