Ireland successfully creates 5,000 new jobs due to Brexit – IDA

Ireland successfully creates 5,000 new jobs due to Brexit - IDA

IDA Ireland has released a set of new figures which show the approval of more than 5,000 jobs in 70 investments. This is relative to the Brexit referendum of June 2016. Companies which have announced investments in Ireland related to Brexit are Simmons & Simmons, Barclays, TD Securities, Morgan Stanley, Wasdell, Coinbase, Delphi /Aptiv, Thomson Reuters, S&P Global, and Equilend. Also, Dublin is the popular choice for relocating firms dealing in financial services post-Brexit.

Dublin is a good place for the relocations

A report also says that Dublin single-handedly accounted for the relocations of 100 companies owing to Brexit.  It was ahead of Luxembourg which had 60 relocations, and also Paris which had 41, followed by Frankfurt -40 and Amsterdam-32. Executives of IDA across the world have a plan to host events in the week marking the Saint Patrick’s Day. They remind the interested investors regarding the strong proposition of Ireland.

Martin Shanahan, the CEO of IDA Ireland, provided these figures while speaking in New York at the conference related to Understand Brexit. Moreover, these updated figures serve as a reminder that the membership of the European Union, accompanied by stable policies, favoring enterprises, has a big appeal to investors. They are on the lookout for certainty, he added.

Ireland is a preference

Ireland is naturally robust for US companies, to continue their international operations.  This also offers a platform to become global players to them. IDA Ireland has continued with the process of engagement with clients in the different stages of the Brexit process.  Finally, there is great uncertainty regarding the final impact on businesses owing to Brexit. The IDA expressed that there are concerns regarding more transaction costs, regulatory divergence, and tariffs among the investors. This can be removed if there is a definitive action by the stakeholders.

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