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Today Technology has the power to change the job markets in a big way. Additionally, a report of hot jobs of 2018 reflected that technology had domination among the fast growing occupations.

Furthermore, the data is abundant which makes it necessary to hire professionals for analyzing, modeling, storing, and protecting it. The jobs facing a great demand are Data Warehouse Engineers, Data Scientists, and Specialists in Cyber Security.

The first to lead

A full stack software developer had the fastest rate of growth in 2018 at 572%. This professional does the tasks involving networks, servers, hosting environment; relation and non relation database; interacting with the external world and APIs; and user interface/experience in a proficient manner.

Moreover, many companies invest in using  the internet, and there is a great demand for such jobs. Additionally, companies are interested in remaining agile in their software development, and need employees who can solve these problems when they arise. They do not consider which part of the product gets the impact, and are important for fast improvements and iterations.

Reason for technology jobs

Moreover, many technology jobs are prevalent in the market because of high job satisfaction and high-growth industry having strong wages. Businessmen who hire such people need to remain very competitive in compensation so that they do not fall back in the talent market.

Variety of positions

The job of a Community Engagement Director was second in the list. It involves making the communication easy between the general public, and an organization. Last year, it had a growth of 300% and the median pay was $61,500.

The next job in the list is of a Lead Graphic Designer. These designers also work in all professions by combining technology and art to make the finest finished product. They received a median salary of $47,900 and the job growth was 234%.

Professionals are necessary for a team

The fourth position was of the Customer Team Managers who represent an online brand/company were popular. They also serve as an initial point of contact to address customer concerns on products, the support mechanism, and billing. Their occupation increased by 212% in the past year, and their median salary was $93,000.

Lastly the Senior Mobile Developers were popular and had a median pay of $110,000. Their jobs have the role of developing software to benefit technology and cell phones, which had a growth of 200% during the last year.

These were followed by:

  • Computer Vision Engineers,
  • Business Intelligence Engineers,
  • Machine Learning Engineers,
  • Commercial Truck Drivers,
  • Population Health Managers

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