High- end jobs anticipated with “an AI hub’


Genesys U.S technology Company started to work on its plans to create “an AI hub” for its acquired new firm Altocloud in Galway

More importantly high-end jobs are anticipated to expand with the plan of expansion of machine learning and artificial intelligence development.

U.S technology company Genesys which is specialized in technology solutions for its call centers and customer contact globally, purchased Altocloud at Galway with secret amount.

On Altocloud Galway location the chief product officer, Peter Graf said with Genesys, “We plan to grow the team in Galway. We want it to be an AI [artificial intelligence] hub for the company because we feel it is a hot area. We have detailed plans of how we want to move forward.”

In 100 countries Genesys has 1,000 customers at corporate level such as major brands Vodafone, Deutsche Telecom, Microsoft, retailers and banks and insurance providers.

“Basically our customers include pretty much anyone you can call for a service,” said Graf.

With the captive of Altocloud, the marketing and sales sector will benefit on a large scale.
Genesys said, “When I saw the product for the first time I felt it was something that everyone who has a webpage and is trying to drive business to the webpage needs to have. This is a market opportunity that is waiting to be addressed so it is a very juicy business case for our customers.”

Altocloud’s technology will help retailers predict how likely each individual customer’s reach desired outcomes and it will help to track huge number of customer’s actions on its websites, Grad said.

“The program can raise a flag if a person is close to a desired outcome but deviates and can trigger maybe a special offer or a chat with the person. That learning and prediction is ready to use with Altocloud, which is awesome. But it is also a capability that we can use in other areas of AI across Genesy’s and that is why it was such an attractive acquisition,” he said.

Barry O’Sullivan, Altocloud founder who is working with operations at Galway said that at this moment company is setting plans for its expansion with the help from IDA “We want to grow it significantly. We will need data scientists, software engineers and user experience people. It will be high-end R&D jobs to build a critical mass around our team,” he said.

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