Jobs in Canada help New Graduates through Green Subsidies


Bio-Talent Canada has made an announcement regarding extending wage-subsidy initiative in order to help fresh graduates in Canada.  This will help them to get a green job in segments such as biotechnology and environment. This is a federally-funded program which aims to provide $2.3 million in wage subsidies. It will help more than 200 new assignments in 2018 and 2019.

It is partly funded through the Youth Employment Strategy, of the Government of Canada. Career Focus Green Jobs, is an initiative involving wage-subsidy aimed to lessen unemployment among the youth. Wage subsidies have a heartening record of encouraging careers for new biotech graduates and also of helping small- and medium-sized enterprises to avail funds to employ new talent.

In the labor market report on youth employment, of Bio Talent Canada 2017 titled Opening the Door II, it was seen that 85% of the fresh graduates retained employment full-time after the end of wage subsidy.

Bio Talent Canada is a national HR association bio-economy of Canada and works as a non-profit organization. It has implemented wage-subsidy programs successfully. In the ensuing four years, it plans to disburse more than $10.3 million as wage subsidies. This aims to create 1,400 job assignments.

The Green Jobs, program will hold an important place among the new placements. Eligible companies need to have a sustainable development mission. Another criterion is that their services or products, must reduce carbon footprint directly, and enhance recycling or reduce waste.

Jessica Bowes, Manager and Analyst at Bio enterprise, said that Career Focus Green Jobs is popular. Bio enterprise, which serves as an accelerator business to the agricultural technology companies in Guelph has, praises the program. It provides is an opportunity to add to a growing team, and helps to take more clients.

Rob Henderson, President Bio Talent Canada says that the program has greatly benefited the increasing sub-sectors like Bio-industrial Agric-biotech, and Bio-energy, and helps some sectors to carry out green initiatives. The wage subsidies go a long way to provide capital for these enterprises and make them avail all the required talent which helps to provide job opportunities.

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