Government of Canada plans to skill the young Canadians for future jobs 

Canada is aspiring to meet its need of a workforce that has the ability to master the STEM courses.

Impressive goals

At present there are many developments and the professionals need to take up the challenges of competing in the digital economy. Canada will also prepare the next generation of workers to achieve a great success in the growing digital economy. 80,000 students and their teachers will have the opportunity to learn digital skills. Moreover, the Government extends support to millions of youths in the country to improve their digital skills.

The Minister of Innovation, and Economic Development, has announced the funding of $1.4 million for First Robotics Canada, as a part of the next phase of the Governmental Can-Code program.

A learning opportunity for students

This program provides a learning opportunity to students from kindergarten to 12th Grade in digital skills. This includes Data Analytics, Coding, Digital Content Development, and Artificial Intelligence. Additionally, the program has an aim to help Canadian teachers in acquiring the knowledge to add in new skills in digital technology to their classrooms. Finally, there is an encouragement to Indigenous people, young women, and other groups with less representation to pursue a career in the STEM courses.

Initially, the program will provide training to 61,000 teachers and 1.3 million students covering all the regions of the country. The second phase, will observe the training of the Government along with 27 partner organizations, to 2 million students and teachers.

Delivering training in the coding

This funding will help First Robotics to deliver training in the coding and digital skill sections to 80,000 students, from nursery school to Grade 12, and also to 5,000 teachers in the country. There will be a focus on learning varied program applications with the help of online and in-person workshops, sessions, seminars, and robotics competitions.

Can-Code is in alignment with the Digital Charter that is a totally Canadian approach, based on principles, to build trust in the digital world. There is a focus on ensuring that all citizens, get an equal opportunity, of participating in the digital world. It will also provide the necessary tools and give access, connectivity, skills and finally literacy to the deserving people.

Professing the digital skills

The aim is to invest in resources and teach the Young Canadians to attain economic success and profess the digital skills. It will make the higher education affordable, and also help them to make a successful transition from classrooms to research laboratories, shop floors and boardrooms. It will reach more students and the underserved communities to engage in STEM program which teach coding and robotics, and focus on the principles of teamwork and leadership. Additionally, in the Budget 2019 there is an investment of $60 million in it. So far, 61,000 teachers and 1.3 million students have participated in its activities.

Can-Code complements educational curricula and promotes awareness and interest to master the coding and digital skills. The continuing goal is making Canada, a leader in innovation, and also having an inclusive workforce.

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