Ethiopian Industrial Parks create 64,000 jobs

64,000 New Jobs were Created in Ethiopian Industrial Parks -JobsandPermits

Nine industrial parks operating in Ethiopia have created 64,000 jobs, as per the statement of the Ethiopian Investment Commission. Furthermore, of these five came up as a government policy and four were operated by the private entrepreneurs. The government parks are Adama, Hawassa, Bole Lemi,  Kombolcha, and Mekele which created 45,000 jobs. The private industrial parks – George Shoe, Eastern, Huajan, and Velocity accounted for the remaining jobs. As per the report of an Ethiopian newspaper, the owners of most of the companies in the parks were foreigners.

The government will add more Industrial Parks

The government has a plan to create seven other Industrial Parks. Presently they are under construction. The sites are Ayisha, Arerti, Bahir Dar, Dire dawa, Debre Birhan, Kilinto, and Jimma. Upon full operations, they will be in a position to create sizable jobs. Their construction commenced a few years ago when Eurobond extended loans. Recently, unemployment has become a serious concern for the Ethiopian government, and as a result, it is undertaking a series of reforms.

Results of the policy

Additionally, as per the statement of Mekonnen Hailu, Public Relations Director, EIC Three overseas companies in the Kombolach Industrial Park started the exports of their products.  During the last six months, these three foreign companies created jobs for 1,500 youth.  The government provides many services to investors. Prominent among them are water, electricity, customs, and immigration.

Low wages

Finally, there are Reports showing that the employees in industrial parks of Ethiopia get a payment of less than a dollar per day. As a result, there is a high turnover of employees.   There is a suggestion that Ethiopia must set a minimum salary for protecting the employees of these factories from labor exploitation. Also, women represent a majority among the employees in the labor-intensive industrial parks.

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