Decathlon reveals a plan to bring new jobs in Ireland

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Decathlon, operating as the e-commerce platform in Ireland from 2017, has decided to set up more outlets. In the next years, this French sports retailer will open nine outlets. It also plans to offer a number of new jobs in the country.  Moreover, the company revealed the plan of opening its first Irish store in Ballymun Area of North Dublin. Additionally, there is a plan to make it one of the major outlets of the sports retailer. It will also be the first outlet of the three to open in the capital.

Planning Permission

It has obtained the Planning Permission already, for an area of 17,000 sq m site in Ballymun. The venue has a location beside the IKEA store of Dublin.  The site previously served as a car park for IKEA, and is presently under the control of Decathlon since Sep 2018, for 4.3 million Euros.

As per plans of the company, construction will begin at the location at an early date and the store will be launched in the next year.  Furthermore, Decathlon plans to commence recruiting for 90 posts for this store in June 2019.

Introducing 60 sports brands

The French retailer is operating in Ireland Since November 2017, as an e-commerce platform. When the new outlets, will open it plans to introduce around 60 sports brands in a direct manner to its Irish customers. Decathlon issued a statement, saying that as a family company, it was excited to announce regarding the opening of the Sports Hub, with more than 70 Sports in Ballymun, next to IKEA. The planning application has received the sanction and the construction will commence soon. The aim in Ireland is having three retail points in Dublin and nine stores in Ireland.

The features

As per the announcement of the company, the Ballymun outlet will have the Bike Circuit, Rollerblading Track, and an Astroturf pitch. B. Grandgeorge, CEO of Decathlon-Ireland stated that it had a dream to open before Christmas. The subsequent plan is to open a second Dublin outlet in the west/south of the city, and the third store in the capital. It also has plans for opening outlets in Galway and Cork also.

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