Cyber Security Professionals have a great demand in IT Jobs- IBM India

Cyber security job

Cyber security jobs
IBM India has stated that at present there is an immense shortage of cyber security professionals. It has decided to work with universities to get the required manpower for conducting its business. Furthermore, it has urged that the young graduates must look into this profession. Not only is it a high-margin segment for companies, but can also serve as a well-paid career option.
India is a future market
Kartik Shahahni, Integrated Security Leader IBM India said that the Company believes that India is a market of the future. Moreover, it has a talent pool which can effectively serve the world in issues related to cyber security. Presently, there is a need of 3 million cyber security professionals but the country hardly supplies one lakh. He made a point that presently security solutions contribute in double-digit percentages to the revenue of IBM India. However its share among the total staff is smaller. The professionals here are more productive and it serves as a margin accretive vertical. The amount of revenue generated by a security professional is far higher in comparison to the revenue generated by a non-security professional.
More people needed
A K Vaideeswaran, Director and Global Integrated Leader, mentioned that there are people who serve in this field but still there is a dearth of enough number of people. There is a great opportunity for more people to get an employment in this sphere.
The comments are relevant as there are increasing concerns regarding the Information Technology Sector from the workforce intake angle. Today many tasks are getting automated as there are modern technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning. Furthermore, compared to the past less people are required by the domestic IT sector to perform the same tasks. He was referring to the time when the industry was a major job creator and provided jobs to millions every year.
Other facts
The IBM executives did not give a clear reply regarding the chances of cyber security emerging as a relief in employment. However they explained that such jobs can be done by using different skill sets and proper approach. Vaideeswaran commented regarding the need for changes, not only in the school and graduation level but also in the PG level. This will go a long way for the industry to get the appropriate talent.
The aspirants of cyber security must look beyond ethical hacking, as it only represents 5 percent of the security requirements. The IBM has a plan to work with the Data Security Council of India and NASSCOM. IBM India has also agreed for collaboration with Dehradun Institute of Technology, Mody University of Science & Technology, Rajasthan, Chandigarh University as well as Geethanjali College of Engineering & Technology, Hyderabad.

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