Why is a Cover letter as important as a Resume


Every time the candidates looking for a job, they will be putting all the efforts on the Resume to make it look perfect. A perfect resume had to be incorporated into all the appropriate details, taking care of the content to be satisfactory for the job profile and avoiding grammar and spelling mistakes.

But most of the time people overlook the importance of cover letter and does not focus on it. It apparently reflects an unfavorable result on your job search.

A cover letter is a partial application for the job which you address it to a potential employer. It speaks on behalf of you, why you are an apt candidate for the specific job role.

A well-crafted cover letter will make you look unique from the crowd. It makes the difference.

What is a Cover Letter?

The well-crafted cover letter will introduce you to the employer and creates a reason why he needs to invest little more time in screening your Resume.

The cover letter should not be the mirror of the resume. If your Cover letter and resume both speak the same, there is no point in writing two different documents.

Two crucial things to recall regarding cover letter are

  1. Your cover letter should speak about how you are an ideal candidate for the particular job profile; it should also explain how your previous experience will help you to perform better on the job you are applying now.
  2. The Resume usually lists out your Academics, Work experience and contact details, which will be familiar things for any job role. Where a cover letter is a place to highlight the specific skills and your knowledge which will make you the ideal candidate for the position you applied for.

Here are few Quick tips

  • Keep up to the point.
  • Avoid informal language.
  • The cover letter should not exceed the length of one page.
  • Tailor the different cover letter for each job you apply, as job profiles differ.

Other Pro tips, which will force the Employer to shortlist your resume

  1. Every job advertisement will have keywords in it, figure out those keywords and include them in your cover letter and make it a keyword rich cover letter. These keywords will draw the attention of the employer, which will help you in getting shortlisted.
  2. Maintain enthusiasm and positive attitude and put energy while writing, it will help you to get a positive result.
  3. To be sure prepare a checklist of all the information the cover letter should comprise of, including the relevant experience and explain why you need the job.

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