Companies having the support of Enterprise Ireland create 19,000 new jobs

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Enterprise Ireland is an agency, responsible for developing Irish business around the world. In an announcement, it says, that 215,000 people gained employment in companies to which it gave support. Additionally, this is a record figure in its 20-year history. There was a creation of 18,846 new jobs last year, and about two-thirds of these were outside Dublin.

Heather Humphreys, the Business Minister, feels that this is a great achievement, reflecting the resilience of companies in Ireland. It is a matter of satisfaction that 61% of job creation was in companies based in the region. Furthermore, there was an increase in every region. Additionally, these companies have the backing of the State and provide employment. They also made a major contribution to the economy and spent €26.8bn in 2017.

Future Jobs Plan

She also said that presently the focus of the government needs to shift from getting back the people, towards working to create sustainable jobs, which deal with new challenges. There is also the need to adopt new technologies. She is all set to launch the new Future Jobs Plan soon, for guiding the next phase of economic development in Ireland.

The issue of Brexit

There is a warning also in 2019, amidst these positive results. The March 29th deadline for Brexit is approaching and there is a great deal of uncertainty and challenge for Irish exporters in it. Julie Sinnamon CEO Enterprise Ireland said several jobs will be affected in case there is a No-Deal Brexit.

Involvement of Many companies

Presently, there are 1,600 companies that export to the UK and 600 of these are greatly vulnerable than others. The reason is a good percentage of their business goes there. 25,000 jobs are associated with these companies. Their fate depends on the format of the end deal and their level of exposure. It is estimated to be massive for many companies. 1,000 companies having exposure to Brexit received interventions last year. The policy was to include contingency planning, training in innovation, and inculcating a spirit of diversification and competitiveness. The 600 companies which have the maximum exposure have developed a New Growth Plan to diminish any adverse effect of Brexit.

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