Canadian firms have 430,000 vacant job posts

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In the firms of small and medium-size, Canada is facing a great labor shortage.

For the last four months, 430,000 jobs lay vacant. In the previous year, the job vacancy rate has grown to 3.3 percent from 2.9 percent, as per the report of Canadian Federation of Independent Business.

Businesses feel the pressure

This is a financial crisis also, and businesses feel the pressure. In October, the rate of unemployment dropped by 0.1 percentage and reached 5.8 percent, as per the government statistics. The sectors facing the acute labor shortage are agriculture, the services, oil and gas and construction. Quebec has a plan to cut immigration but is also hit badly by the shortage of skilled workers.

Quebec and the Federal Government

These details emerge amidst the talks to set the immigration targets between Quebec and the Federal Government. The Canadian Prime Minister feels that this is not the right time to slash immigration because businesses are concerned about labor shortage.

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