Canada added more jobs in July 2018

Canada added more jobs in July 2018

Canada has added 54,100 jobs in July on a seasonal adjustment basis.  The rate of unemployment has declined by 0.2 percent to 5.8 percent. Some analysts have said this data is weak and have minimized the talk of a rate increase in the future. Moreover, this Data shows that the participation rate of Windsor increased in July to 60.5 percent. Job creation increased much above expectations because there were big gains in part-time, public sector posts.
On the Yearly yardstick the unemployment rate increased from July 2017 when it was 6.6 percent in the pool of 40,800.
Furthermore, totally there were 34,700 persons without employment in July. The figure was 34,400 in June. The reason for this is growth in the number of part time jobs.

Jobs Growth:

There was a gain of 82,000 part-time positions in the country in the last month. Furthermore 28,000 full-time jobs were lost. There was a decline in Employment in the manufacturing sector by 36,500 jobs.
In the wild world of monthly employment figures, July came up with strange data. There were both headlines and disappointments.
Despite rushing forward in part-time employment in all parts of the country which offset full-time declines and pushed down unemployment rate, the numbers are not good in Prince Albert and Saskatchewan. The report mentions that the most important cause of decline was that very few youths were looking for work.

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