CAC Offering 94000 Jobs in Canadian Airports to Develop Tourism

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Canada’s airports Council invited engagement by Marc Garneau, the Transport Minister with air carrier communities and Canada’s airport on a host of topics, including the tourism experience. CAC welcomes Advisory Council to help the Minister of Tourism in the development of a tourism strategy for coming summer season. As a leading air transport trader, CAC are looking forward to join the council to give awareness to the opportunities and challenges facing Canada ’s industry partners and Canada airports.

Daniel-Robert Gooch, The CAC President Says

Daniel-Robert Gooch said that “Tourism is one of the big economic drivers for Canada, a $97.4 billion industry that recruits 1.8 million Canadians, with over 94,000 direct jobs in airports of Canada. These opportunities not only for big cities but also in small communities and regional economic centers across the Nation. Tourism helps with the rural, urban, and will support the middle-class jobs which can’t be replaced. Air transport plays a key role in the success of our tourism sector. A good tourism strategy should consider the government role in expressing opportunities and issues recognized by Canadina partenrs and airports in the supply chain of air travel”, he added.

The Canadian Airports Council is actively engaging with the Canadian government on several files based on federal action. Government services at airports, notably border services and security screening organized by the (CBSA) Canada Border Services Agency and CATSA (Canadian Air Transport Security Authority) respectively. Canada’s willing to welcome millions of tourists is based on the capacity to receive them. This needs a commitment to investments and funding in both technology and staff hours, as Canada’s airports planning to invite more 75 million tourists for 10 years from now.

Canadian airports are investing $25 billion for infrastructure since 1992 to extend the services to tourists. Federal government playing a key role in helping with investment for small airports infrastructure. Schemes to increase international links through Canada, which facilitates support new air routes and another service on existing routes which couldn’t be viable without traffic. This opens great opportunities and capacity for tourists to visit Canada.

About CAC

The CAC, a division of International-North American Airports Council, is a major voice for airport’s community of Canada. 53 members are representing over 100 airports, comprising all the private NAS airports (National Airports System) and so many municipal airports around Canada.

Canadian Airports Council member airports control over 90% air traffic in Canada, and also higher share of international air traffic. Air transport sector of Canada hires over 140,000 direct employees and generates nearly $35 billion and giving $7 billion to federal taxes.

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